Fee Structure

The Centre is a community-based, non-profit organisation.  All incoming monies are used to provide and maintain a safe, caring and learning environment for your child.  Fees are determined by the Governing Council and are charged to cover the costs of providing a high quality child care service.  Any surplus money is used to upgrade and improve the centre as a whole.

Childcare fees cover expenses such as staff salaries, food, educational equipment purchases, nappy provision, hygiene needs and art and craft supplies.

Fee structure as at 6 June 2017 is as follows (Letter to Families – Fees 2017):

Full time Care (without CCB %) $495.00 [$99.00 x 5 days = $495]
Daily Care (without CCB %) $106.00

(CCB = Government Child Care Benefits)

Equipment and Maintenance Fee: $6.00 p/week p/family.

The Australia Government has two payments to assist families with the cost of child care – the Child Care Benefit (CCB) and the Child Care Rebate (CCR). For more information please contact the Family Assistance Office on   13 6150.

A minimum attendance of two (2) sessions per week is the current Centre Policy.  This will enable staff to offer a curriculum that encompasses the development of the whole child and provide staff with a minimum opportunity to observe each child in attendance at the Centre on a regular basis.  It will also enable your child to settle more comfortably into the Centre by developing a rapport with the staff and other children and assist them in understanding routines throughout the day.

The Centre will be closed for 3-4 weeks over Christmas and New Year.  Specific dates will be given to parents/caregivers in advance.  Fees are not charged for this closure period.  On the last day of the year, the Centre will close at 1:00pm.

Fines to pay for staff overtime are imposed on parents who collect their children after closing time. A minimum late fee of $15 for the first 10 minutes (or part thereof) after 6:00pm is automatically added to subsequent account. Additional charges to cover staff overtime and administration costs may also apply.

Weekly equipment and building levy is required to alleviate the pressures that working bees and fundraising events have on the Governing Council.

Please refer to the Centre’s complete policy on payment and fees in the Information Book and Centre Policy documents.

Penalties for non-payment/late payment: Parents not able to pay promptly (required every two weeks) are asked to discuss their situation with the Director. Accounts left outstanding for over three weeks will receive special attention with an additional $20 per week charge and with the possibility and likely exclusion and suspension of child care services until payment is up-to-date. During this time the child’s place may be offered to a new user and therefore permanently forfeited to return.

Additional funding through Special Child Care Benefit (SCCB) may be available short term under exceptional circumstances/hardship/at risk with approval from the Special Child Care Assessment Team within the Department of Human Services following application including supporting documentation as evidence in support of such an application.

Interim Booking Fee: $100 per family required upon confirmation of your child’s intended enrolment (amount deducted from fee)

Upfront Bond: Two (2) weeks regular booked in sessions will be charged upon starting at the Centre, which will be reimbursed at the conclusion of your child/ren’s enrolment.

Working Bee Fee: All families are expected to attend two working bees per year (usually held in Autumn and Spring).  A $30 fee will be added to your account for non-attendance at any planned working bee.

Staffing Update July 2017 We are pleased to announce our new Director, Verity Bierenboim. (Read more here)
Fee Increase July 2017 New fee structure effective 06 June 2017 (Fee increase letter)
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