Governance Structure

One of the many benefits of a community-based childcare centre is the opportunity for parents and staff to govern the Centre together.

At each Annual General Meeting (AGM) (next AGM is TBA), a committee is elected comprising of parents, staff, administration officer and the Director of the Centre.

The Governing Council’s role is described as ‘governance’ – providing overall direction of the affairs of the Centre and monitoring performance.

The Committee is accountable to the members (parents and staff), who vote them in, and to authorities regarding corporate affairs, licensing, etc.  The Committee may also take on some more ‘hands on’ tasks, such as working bees and fund raisers.


Governing Council Representatives for 2017/2018

Olivia Becker (Chairperson)
Ian Aitchison (Deputy Chairperson)
Allan Anchor (Secretary)
Verity Bierenboim (Director & Public Officer)
Amelia Cantelmi (Administration Officer)
Tracy Scalzi (Staff Representative)
Amanda Turner (Parent Representative)
Angie King (Parent Representative)
Matt Kenny (Parent Representative)
Jillian Langham (Parent Representative)
Sean Cotter (Parent Representative)
Feresh Pizarro (Parent Representative)
Astrid Keating (Parent Representative)



See also page 1 of our Information Book.


Governing Council Administration

Staffing Update July 2017 We are pleased to announce our new Director, Verity Bierenboim. (Read more here)
Fee Increase July 2017 New fee structure effective 06 June 2017 (Fee increase letter)
2016 AGM Minutes Please see our 2016 AGM minutes and 2016/17 elected Governing Council. Click 2016 AGM Minutes.