2 – 5 Years Room

The timetable allows for variations according to the needs of each day (i.e. weather, attendance, number, special activities).  The balance of the programme provides for planned experiences, expression of creativity, allows choice, and is relevant to the developmental needs of each child incorporating stimulating and relaxing experiences.

Staff evaluate the programme on a regular basis, to ensure the experiences planned are appropriate to the children’s ongoing needs and development.  A ‘portfolio’ approach is used in documenting the individual child’s development.  The evaluation is used as part of the overall process in developing the programmes short term and long term goals, facilitating its success and appropriate outcomes for the children.

We welcome parents’ input into the planning, implementation and evaluation of the programme.

Staffing Update July 2017 We are pleased to announce our new Director, Verity Bierenboim. (Read more here)
Fee Increase July 2017 New fee structure effective 06 June 2017 (Fee increase letter)
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